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5000BC - Khapli Wheat Aata

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Diabetic Control: Khapli grain has a low – glycaemic index (GI). This is very beneficial for Diabetes control. Low glycaemic index means it is slowly digested to release sugar in low levels and maintains energy levels for longer periods. Hence sharp ups and downs of sugar levels are controlled.
Digestive System: It is rich in fibre content, is very easy to digest and increases energy levels. A single cup of Khapli wheat can provide 20% of the daily recommendation of dietary fibre.
Musculoskeletal System: The magnesium content in Khapli helps strengthen bones, muscle and nerve system.
High Nutritional Value: It is rich in Vit B3, selenium, iron and magnesium. Also benefits pregnant women, post-pregnancy states and elderly by providing an excellent nutritional profile.
Women’s Health: It helps to improve women’s health. It is known to provide relief in post-menopausal symptoms.

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Also known as Samba, Emmer or Diabetic wheat, India is the biggest cultivator of Khapli wheat in the world. It is rich in curative properties that aid in lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It can lower the lipid and glucose levels in the blood, making it great for people who are watchful of their weight or just health-conscious. Loaded with dietary fibres, chapati made with khapli wheat can keep you full for longer.
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