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Black rice Flakes

Lab Tested
100% Organic


HEALTHY BOWL: It is rich in antioxidants especially anthocyanin. It is loaded with fiber, vitamin C and has a low glycaemic index. It’s a natural detoxifier that also contains significant iron and proteins.
GOOD FOR HEALTH: It is a great food for diabetes and heart patients. It is great for skin and hair due to its vitamin content.
RECIPE: Slightly soaked aval can then be used for preparing breakfast items like poha, porridge and also in salads and sweets. It can also be used for making muesli.
CULTIVATION: Karuppu kavuni rice is suitable for growing in September- January. It requires lesser quantity of water comparatively and suitable for black cotton soil and red soil in dry lands.

Net Weight :

500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg


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