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Health mix for all ages (Millets & Traditional rice)

Lab Tested
100% Organic


This health mix can be consumed by everyone irrespective of age and gender to keep themselves immune and healthy. It is perfect blend of around 40 traditional ingredients. Apart from Millets and traditional rice varieties there are other key ingredients in this mix which is mentioned in the description.

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● Kodo millet (Varagu)
● Foxtail millet (Thinai)
● Barnyard millet (Kuthiraivali)
● Little millet (Samai)
● Finger millet (Ragi)
● Pearl millet (Kambu)
● Country pearl millet (Nattu kambu)
● White sorghum (Vellai cholam)
● Red sorghum (Sivapu cholam)
● Red great sorghum (Irungu cholam)
● Proso millet (Pani varagu)
● Black kavuni rice (Karupu kavuni arisi)
● Horse gram (Kollu)
● Bengal gram (Pottukadalai)
● Peanuts (Nelakadalai)
● Barley (Vaar godhumai)
● Gingilly (Ellu)
● Maize (Makka cholam)
● Brown rice (Kaikuthal arisi)
● Green gram (Paasipayaru)
● Green pea (Pachai patani)
● Chenna (Sundu)
● Black gram (Ulundu)
● Chik peas (Thuvarai)
● Fenugreek (Vendhayam)
● Red flakes (Sivapu sethigal)
● White flakes (Vellai sethigal)
● Pepper (Milagu)
● Cow pea (Mochai)
● Soya bean (Thattai payaru)
● Dry ginger (Sukku)
● Long pepper (Thippili )
● Haritaki (Kadukkai)
● Almonds (Padam)
● Cashew (Mundiri)
● Pista (pista)
● Black resins (Karuppu dirachai)
● Fig (Athi pazham)
● Date Fruits (Perichai pazham)
● Drumstick seeds (Murundai vidhai)


Nutrients (Per 100g*)Nutritional Values:
Energy (kcal)289.63
Carbohydrate (g )54.60
Fats (g)3.64
Protein (g)9.62
Total dietary fibre (g )9.68
Sodium (mg)5.09
Calcium (mg)102.37
Iron (mg)4.05
Phosphorus (mg)248.56
Folic acid (mg)47.12
Magnesium (mg)116.76
Potassium (mg)399.70
*Approximate Values


A spoon of health mix can to be added to a cup of boiling water or milk and should be boiled for approximately 5 minutes and it is ready to consume. Palm sugar can be added to the health mix as a sweetening agent. Adding a small quantity of B&B organics health mix for all ages to dosa batter or chappathi dough is an alternative way to consume the health mix. Regular consumption of this health mix may help in maintaining a healthy body.

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250 g


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